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The Stocks of Essex

Table of Contents
What this site is about
This is currently a website under construction.
It essentially consists of the family tree of Robert Stock, born about 1671, in Essex. He married Maria Bambrick in Hempstead on 14th April 1696. After Maria died in 1705, Robert married Martha Jackson, again in Hempstead, on 12th September 1706. His third marriage (possibly illegal) was to Mary Jackson in or around Fleet Prison London on 6th July 1714.
The 'scope' of the tree is to record all known activity (births, deaths, marriages, census information etc.) of the descendants of Robert Stock. However, no research has yet been done to extend the tree very far into female marriages. All known female marriages are recorded together with the husband and all their children. But the 'fate' of those children is not recorded on the tree - even if known. This is a practical point and not a philosophical one. The amount of research work involved has been very substantial - even for the "Stock" line. To develop the tree similarly for hundreds of other surnames would involve an untenable amount of effort at this stage.
Given that scope, this family tree comprises around 3,200 individuals (and growing). Although I am the self-appointed 'chief scribe' and guardian of this tree, it is the combination of a lot of effort by a lot of people. In other words, parts of the tree were discovered by "living relatives" on the tree who have volunteered their own part of the tree - only validated, referenced and recorded by myself. My thanks go to them all in making this tree possible.
In particular, however, this Stock Tree owes a lot to some early researchers who dug out the backbone of the tree. These include Sandra Stock in New Zealand, and Lesley Stock (now Lynch) in Sunderland. Without their pioneering work, much of the tree might have lain hidden for ever.
More people who belong to this tree remain hidden. This is due to some unknown marriages, incomplete and uncertain parish records, and unexplained absences from census data. The search will continue, as will the development of this site. Meanwhile, additions, corrections, or comments are always welcome, and can be made by using the link above. One thing currently missing is images of census sheets, certificates, and a few photographs. All factual data gleaned from the census is, however, included in the narrative reports.
The site will develop once the author has done more research and developed some web creation skills. This may take some time!


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